ABOUT byNature

byNature is an organization that propose annual program of seminars, workshops and custom made trainings.
Our goal is to stimulate innovation in multiple formats as design, cultural, economy, R&D and science, through specific biomimetic methodology and immersive natural environment.
byNature propose an unique educational and training experiences for singulars, groups or companies with an architecture facility placed in a middle of the Brasilian Atlantic Forest (portuguese: Mata Atlantica).
We believe that natural environment and derived development processes, creates the most powerful and uniques conditions for innovation.
  • "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.".


    Frank Lloyd Wright

  • "There is no better designer than nature."


    Alexander McQueen

  • “I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology.”


    Steve Jobs


  • "If we surrendered to earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.”


    Reiner Maria Rilke


  • "My father considered a walk among the mountains a the equivalent of churchgoing.”


    Aldous Huxley


  • "In biomimicry, we look at nature as model, measure, and mentor.”


    Janine Benyus



Join us on every first week of the month in São Paulo!
Check for news and updates on our Facebook Group.

byNature Talks is a Group that invites designers, architects and scientist interested in biomimetics for round-table discussions and presentation of ideas.
We aim to create an environment for knowledge exchange between professionals and researchers from different fields.
If you are interested to present your research, write us a message in our group. Participation is free.

Generative design and architecture workshop inspired by nature

Design byNature, a workshop produced by Atelier Marko Brajovic in partnership with architects and researchers, aims to provide an intensive experience of study and application of natural strategies in architecture and design projects. It will be an immersion in generative modeling processes exploiting biomimicry as design strategy. We will have the chance to explore part of the ecosystem in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest region of Paraty and thus understand its flora and fauna and the relationship with the art and culture of local communities, such as the use of natural and tressed fibers. As a result, we will produce bamboo structures, and its study as an ecological alternative to wood and apply all learning, as the study of emerging patterns and functional, artificial and natural interfaces and their relationship to the architecture and design.



    27/02/2015 | Opening event
    28/02/2015 | Seminars
    27/02 - 04/03/2015 | Workshop


    5 Days Workshop | Didactic Material | Infrastructure | Professional Lectures | Nature Sightseeing | Post-event Publications |

    Registrations =  600,00 USD 


    You can register with the following online form. We will than contact you shortly with more details and payment information. We look forward to Your interest.



    - The fee includes: full 9-day workshop, seminars, didactic materials and trip to the Atlantic Forest region of Paraty.
    - The fee does not include: transportation, accommodation and food.
    - Each student will need to bring their laptop.- Foreign students are responsible for the necessary documents and visas for entry into the country.
    - The workshop will be open for around 15 to 40 people.


    . Lightweight and easy to dry clothes, comfortable shoes and sandals. You will need long pants and long sleeve blouse for walks in the forest regions, and a raincoat. Bath towel and beach accessories for those who want to enjoy the beach in the free time. Personal medication (if any participant has a problem that limits their activities, he must inform the organizers). Repellent and sunscreen are essential.


    There are plenty of options for accommodation in Paraty with varied categories and services to suit all budgets and comforts. More info here.





    Holds B.A. degree in Architecture from “Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie” and Master Degree in Biodigital Architecture from EsArq_UiC in Barcelona. Andrea have worked at some architecture offices, including “Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto” in Paris and has partaken in international exhibitions, such as the “Architecture Beijing Biennale 2008” and the “SaloneSatellite 2014

    Croatian architect graduated in Venice and Master of Genetic Architecture in Barcelona. Marko lives in Brazil, which is dedicated to architecture to implement the concepts of biomimicry. Founding partner of Atelier Marko Brajovic, he has developed several projects in the Amazon forest with bamboo constructions. In his office based in São Paulo, Marko works in different areas as architecture, scenography, design, interactive and multi-sensory environments.

    Luka is a multi-disciplinary designer focused on user experiences, interfaces, and interaction design. Luka is graduated in Industrial Design and 3D Modelling, with a Master in Arts in Digial Game Design. He has lived and worked in Zagreb, Barcelona, London, Shanghai and currently in Sao Paulo. He is passionate about interactive software and hardware, music development, custom hardware and new modes of interaction. Among various workshops Luka also used to teach Digital Game Programming and a Master in Arts in London.

    Designer and artist, currently working on synthetic biology and biohacking. Enthusiast of everything involving living beings, interdisciplinary by nature and "indisciplinary" by choice, she is master student in Architecture and Urbanism at USP and professor in Fashion graduation at SENAC. Also she teaches electronics and programming and she is architect at the Culture Secretary of São Paulo City Hall.

Biomimetics as a strategy for product and process innovation

What happens when you displace your professional team in a middle of nature? How we can make innovation in products of any kind, if we do not get out of our everyday environment? Where do the best ideas comes from!? Nature is a 3.8 billion old designer. We can learn basic strategies from nature and apply them as methodology for innovation in different areas.Innovation ByNature offers a hands-on custom made workshop for companies and institutions headed by professionals that want to learn and experiment with biomimicry. An immersive experience where Paraty's "Mata Atlantica" natural environment, together with specific methodologies, becomes an inspiration for learning / sharing, team building and finally innovation.


Define Your problem and look at nature's solutions for inspiration.


Format your observations and create a system that could solve Your problem.


Apply your results as innovation in Your practical and conceptual projects.


The natural environment of the exuberant Atlantic Forest ecosystem creates perfect conditions for unique collective and personal experiences. The rich local culture is expressed through the charming colonial city of Paraty and traditional communities. Touristic programs such as boat trips, beaches, waterfalls and tracking completes your journey.


Paraty is a lovely colonial city, considered a National Historic Landmark, it still preserves its natural and architectural charms, as old houses and historic churches, rooted in local culture. It is an important place for cultural events in the country. You can find out more about Paraty here.


There are two Tupi-Guarani reserves near Paraty: Arapongas and Paraty-Mirim village. This area is rich in vegetable fibers and provides handicraft production by indigenous tribes and local communities. "Quilombo" and "Caiçara" communities are equally culturally significant in this region.


On the southern coast near Paraty, are located the Serra da Bocaina National Park, the area of Cairuçu Environmental Protection, the Joatinga Reserve, and also the limit between the Serra do Mar State Park, all part of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, considered a global hotspot, ie, one of the richest areas in biodiversity and one of the most endangered environment.


There are plenty of options for accommodation in Paraty with varied categories and services to suit all budgets and conforts. More information here.


In our previous workshops research by nature was the fundamental innovation tool for experimentation
11 2006


In the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest, as part of the Mamori Art Lab annual program, Marko Brajovic together with Big Bonsai led the participants to experienced a week long boat trip. During the event several contemporary floating architectures were designed. A floating cinema was installed for the pleasure of the local communities.

11 2005


At the Mamori Art Lab facilities in the Amazon Rain Forest, Marko Brajovic led the multi-disciplinary group of participants to develop a local architecture through bio-mimetic methodology. Using advanced software and experimentation in audio-visual narratives, the paticipants created new architectural typologies.

07 2005


Together with the university of Fine Arts and Biology from Palma de Mallorca and ELISAVA from Barcelona, a 15 days war chop was headed by major bamboo experts (as Jorg Stamm), biologists (Antoni Taberner), and architects/designers as Ignasi Peres Arnal, Marko Brajovic, Federica Sandretti, Mette Bak Andersen and Nacho Platas.

05 2005


As a part of the Master Degrees at the prestigious design school ELISAVA from Barcelona headed by Marko Brajovic, this workshop introduces the Spanish hand-crafting knowledge as a possible methodology for high-tech structural strategy to the students.

08 2002


Located in the high mountains at the National Park of Durmitor in Montenegro. With teachers Marko Brajovic, Maria Stamenkovic and Ivan Franco, the workshop experimented with theatre and performance narratives, interactive technologies and natural environments.


For more information send us a message below, or contact us directly at:
Atelier Marko Brajovic
440 Apinajés st, 05017-000, São Paulo, Brazil.
tel/fax 55 11 23719206 (9:00h - 19:00h)



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